Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Some people have a pool, we have a bathtub.

For those of you who don’t know, my day job is Director of Training at a dog training company.  As I see people and give advice on a daily basis, I’m a big advocate of the phrase, “A tired dog is a good dog.”  I also apply this theory to my children.

Now, please sweet baby Jesus, don’t start commenting about how a child is not the same as a dog.  I’m acutely aware that dogs are not people.  Let me show you:
  • A dog has four legs, a child has two.
  • A dog has fur and people have hair.
  • A dog’s brain is simpler than ours. 
  • A dog pees outside and people... oops!  This blog post negates that statement!
Anyway, I spend my days getting people to see that their dogs are not little children wrapped up in fur suits.  It actually behooves (I love this word, btw) a dog for people to expect them to do dog things.  But I digress.

For more insight on dogs being dogs, check out a blog post from my job on this exact point.

Aaaanyhoo...  all summer I’ve been going with a friend of mine to the beach with our kids.  As you can imagine, there are many bonuses to taking kids to the beach.  I especially enjoy going with this particular person because her son is in my son’s class, so entertaining Tommy is one thing off my list when I go there.  On top of that, there’s fresh air, open space, sand, water and sun, all of which will wear out a kid fast!  And yes, that’s my goal. 

As Fall has slowly been approaching, we have had a few chillier days so I’m faced with the dilemma of what to do to exorcise the unending energy from my four-year old, so when it’s time for bed, I don’t get much of an argument.  

The other day, I needed to do work, and Tommy needed a bath   I told him that he was going to bathe during Harper’s nap, and he asked me if he could “play” while he was in there.  A bright light went on in my brain!  

“Sure,” I said begrudgingly, “you can play for a little while.”  

I wanted to make it seem like I was really doing him a favor.  

Little did he know, I was thrilled because I knew that he would play in the tub, and I could get my work done.  It was win/win!  (Before you call DCFS, I was in the room next door, I could hear him the whole time... and he's 4.)

Finally, I heard him say, “Mom! Watch what I can do!”  I looked at the clock and he had played for an hour!  I ran upstairs and feeling small pangs of guilt as he showed me his severely pruned hand.  Then he said, “Ready? Watch this!”

He put his face in the water and then pulled it out with pride.  My first thought was, 

“Oh, I hope he didn’t pee in there,” 
and my second was, 

“This is better than a pool!” 

I realize this isn’t a daily solution, but in a pinch... country club Stewart is open all year long!

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