Monday, May 24, 2010

Look Ma, no carbs!

I know that this isn't exactly on topic, but maybe we should all get used to the fact that that is something that may happen more often than not a little.  After all, doesn't it make sense that while on the path to finding my creativity, I may take me on some detours in order to spend time observing and commenting?

So, I was watching TV the other day and maybe because my husband and I have been on a no sugar, no flour, no pasta diet for four weeks now, this commercial caught my eye.  See, I love bread.  I romanticize pasta.  I lust after pizza.  On this eating plan, I've had to breakup with them all.  I made them a mix tape and said "see you on Sundays".  (We allow ourselves a break on Sundays so my obsessive personality doesn't make me a nightmare to live with.)  So.... I see this sandwich being advertised.

Above is the new KFC "sandwich".  The fact that it looks like a puppet sticking it's tongue out that should be on Sesame Street is only the first of things wrong with it.

Yes, all of you Atkins diet groupies, there is no bread, but that alone does not really put it in "the plan"... you know this right?

The ingredients are as follows:

Two boneless pieces of fried chicken
Two pieces of bacon
Two melted slices of Monterey cheese and Pepper Jack cheese
The "Colonel's Sauce"

Now remember Big Mac's "special" sauce?  It was Thousand Island dressing!
Don't get me wrong, it tasted good, but... REALLY?!?

I don't know why this gets my goat, but in this day and age, after their PR people brought them a name change to KFC, this is their newest menu item?    I'm just sayin'...  it seems like a heart attack waiting to happen.  If they were looking to change their reputation, at least grill the chicken, right?

I'm obsessing and it's just Monday.  Must-get-carbs- back-now!

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